Gallery the Revival

This is an attempt to breathe some life back into the Gallery 3 project. The Gallery project has been in hibernation for 5+ years and it needs some attention to keep running on current versions of PHP and Mysql.



2020-02-29 If you updated to 3.1.1 update to this version. There is a bug in the memory upload size calculation that prevents uploads.


2020-02-24 Minor maintenance release, an upgrade is only necessary if you use PHP 7.4 or are doing a new install. There is a new docker container if that's your thing.

  • Compability with PHP 7.4
  • Remove slideshow module from new installs, it was breaking other functionality


2019-01-11 The first release in many years, major changes include:

  • Compability with PHP 7+ (tested with up to 7.3)
  • Updated file uploader - this replaces the old Flash based uploader
  • Updated jQuery library